What Are The Best Herbs For Detox?

detox herbs

When you detox, the main goal is to get rid of toxins in your body. Naturally, the liver plays the role of detoxifying the body. It processes the drugs as toxic substances and prepares to remove them from the body. If the liver doesn’t eliminate these remnants, toxicity could occur and cause more serious problems. Fortunately, some natural herbs can be used to detoxify the body.

  1. Dandelion
    For hundreds of years, the dandelion plant has been used to cure several illnesses. The herb promotes bowel regularity as well as healthy hydration levels. Dandelion tea made of this herb helps cure joint discomfort. The root of this herb is used for detoxification because it supports the production of bile. Bile helps transport the toxins out of the body system. This herb is also believed to support the immune system.
  2. Organic Gum Acacia
    This herb is gotten from the sap of an acacia tree and has been used to relieve diarrhea as it improves electrolyte absorption. It also adds some bulk to bowel movements. This herb is an emulsifier, and it facilitates and stabilizes synergy between ingredients that wouldn’t normally mix. It acts as a good detoxifier.
  3. Black Walnut
    This herb was first introduced to Europe in the 1600’s. Its active agents, juglone, iodine, and tannins, make it ideal for detoxification. The herb’s natural defense mechanism is juglone, and it helps combat harmful organisms such as fungus and bacteria. The tannins, on the other hand, prevent harmful organisms from staying in the body. Lastly, iodine helps kill off harmful organisms.
  4. Organic Milk Thistle
    For over 2,000 years, the herb has been used for detoxification of both the liver and gallbladder. It helps in bile production as well, and this improves the digestive function. This herb is an active component in common gallbladder and liver cleansing products. With its help you can effectively detox to get weed out of your system as well as other harmful drugs.
  5. Cilantro
    This herb is active in assisting the body to get rid of toxic metals that could accumulate in body tissues. The traditional herb is used in many cooking shows because of its usefulness. It also has some natural detoxifying agents that have compounds, which attach themselves to toxic metals to help remove them from various tissues.
  6. Alfalfa Leaf
    This traditional herb has also been used for decades to fight off infections. It is also believed that this herb helps stimulate a healthy appetite and also cures stomach ulcers.
  7. Peppermint
    This herb has been known for its detoxifying and soothing qualities. It soothes a cough from flu and colds and cures a sore throat as well as sinus irritation. Peppermint helps the body to fight off harmful organisms. It is used in various lung-cleansing products.
  8. Eucalyptus
    This herb is also used for lung cleansing. It has expectorant properties, attacks viruses and fights bacteria as well. Eucalyptus is used topically in ointment form for a blocked nose and chest congestion. The aborigines used this medicine because of its soothing and calming properties.
  9. Stinging Nettle
    This herb helps the body resist microorganisms. Stinging Nettle also has antioxidant properties. It is resistant to swelling and systemic redness and helps promote normal blood pressure.
  10. Marijuana
    As is known, marijuana is a healing herb that has detox properties among many other useful functions.

These herbs are ideal for detoxification of the body system.

Is Marijuana A Healing Herb?

In recent times, there have been debates about how useful marijuana is for treating different medical conditions. Some people believe that this herb is not as useful as pharmaceutical drugs, while others believe that it is a gateway drug that leads to other kinds of drug abuse. These myths are untrue and have been debunked.


New studies have shown that lots of marijuana users take less tobacco, alcohol and even prescription drugs. These studies have revealed that cannabis can be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs and even safer to use. Moreover, it is a good herb for detox. Currently, there has been no record of death from an overdose of marijuana. It takes a high level of THC concentration in one joint to cause death, and this is unlikely. So it is safe to say that marijuana is a healing herb.

What makes marijuana a healing herb?

This plant has so many possible medical applications as well as a continuously growing base of research that supports its medicinal use. Cannabis has been used medically for a long time as up to 85 cannabinoids have been found in the herb. It is a lot different from pharmaceuticals and drugs because so many cannabinoids have different biological activities and their overall effect can exceed that of an individual compound working alone.

What health conditions or symptoms does it cure or soothe?


It is not uncommon for cancer patients to suffer from side effects of chemotherapy. Some of the side effects like vomiting and nausea can be prevented by cannabinoids. One study analysis revealed that about 47% of patients stopped suffering from nausea or vomiting after use of THC or CBD. While about 20% were completely free of these symptoms after they took a placebo. A different study focused on testing the usefulness of orally ingested THC and smoking herb leafs has discovered that the patients didn’t experience nausea and vomiting compared to when they weren’t given marijuana.

A different study, which was conducted on 600 cancer patients, discovered that Nabilone, synthetic THC was far better at preventing vomiting and nausea than other anti-nausea medications.

Nerve pain

A study in 2010 with 23 patients who suffered neuropathic pains caused by damaged nerves after surgery or trauma found marijuana to be helpful. Patients who smoked marijuana had less pain and didn’t suffer from insomnia compared to others who weren’t smoking. Three years later, a different study highlighted the importance of cannabis herb in neuropathic pain treatment. Vaporized cannabis, in this case, helped reduce the pain when other treatments failed to work.


Cannabis has been helpful in the prevention of seizures in epileptic patients. One 2015 study examined how helpful it could be for people with severe epilepsy whose treatment have defiled all other medications. It was conducted on about 137 individuals and they comprised of both kids and adults. The study found that the seizures experienced by the participants reduced by more than 50% in over 12 weeks. However, it didn’t include a different group of patients who did not take the herb, so there is no way to tell if it was a placebo effect or a great cure for epilepsy.

Marijuana has been useful in curing a lot of medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, nightmares, and it also relieves the symptoms of other severe conditions. This quality makes it an excellent healing herb.