Is Marijuana A Healing Herb?

In recent times, there have been debates about how useful marijuana is for treating different medical conditions. Some people believe that this herb is not as useful as pharmaceutical drugs, while others believe that it is a gateway drug that leads to other kinds of drug abuse. These myths are untrue and have been debunked.


New studies have shown that lots of marijuana users take less tobacco, alcohol and even prescription drugs. These studies have revealed that cannabis can be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs and even safer to use. Moreover, it is a good herb for detox. Currently, there has been no record of death from an overdose of marijuana. It takes a high level of THC concentration in one joint to cause death, and this is unlikely. So it is safe to say that marijuana is a healing herb.

What makes marijuana a healing herb?

This plant has so many possible medical applications as well as a continuously growing base of research that supports its medicinal use. Cannabis has been used medically for a long time as up to 85 cannabinoids have been found in the herb. It is a lot different from pharmaceuticals and drugs because so many cannabinoids have different biological activities and their overall effect can exceed that of an individual compound working alone.

What health conditions or symptoms does it cure or soothe?


It is not uncommon for cancer patients to suffer from side effects of chemotherapy. Some of the side effects like vomiting and nausea can be prevented by cannabinoids. One study analysis revealed that about 47% of patients stopped suffering from nausea or vomiting after use of THC or CBD. While about 20% were completely free of these symptoms after they took a placebo. A different study focused on testing the usefulness of orally ingested THC and smoking herb leafs has discovered that the patients didn’t experience nausea and vomiting compared to when they weren’t given marijuana.

A different study, which was conducted on 600 cancer patients, discovered that Nabilone, synthetic THC was far better at preventing vomiting and nausea than other anti-nausea medications.

Nerve pain

A study in 2010 with 23 patients who suffered neuropathic pains caused by damaged nerves after surgery or trauma found marijuana to be helpful. Patients who smoked marijuana had less pain and didn’t suffer from insomnia compared to others who weren’t smoking. Three years later, a different study highlighted the importance of cannabis herb in neuropathic pain treatment. Vaporized cannabis, in this case, helped reduce the pain when other treatments failed to work.


Cannabis has been helpful in the prevention of seizures in epileptic patients. One 2015 study examined how helpful it could be for people with severe epilepsy whose treatment have defiled all other medications. It was conducted on about 137 individuals and they comprised of both kids and adults. The study found that the seizures experienced by the participants reduced by more than 50% in over 12 weeks. However, it didn’t include a different group of patients who did not take the herb, so there is no way to tell if it was a placebo effect or a great cure for epilepsy.

Marijuana has been useful in curing a lot of medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, nightmares, and it also relieves the symptoms of other severe conditions. This quality makes it an excellent healing herb.